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Life Coaching for Teen Girls and Women


What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching strives to empower the person by recognizing and affirming that each person has the potential to be her best self. 

The client sets the coaching agenda and has a personal champion (life coach) who asks powerful questions so the client can move forward towards her goals.

Coaching is not counseling and does not strive to “fix or heal” the person. 

It is a confidential, insightful method often called “positive psychology”, since it looks at what’s positive in the person.


Why have life coaching for teen girls?

Because teen girls are often subjected to:

· Negative gender stereotypes

· Traditional gender roles in the home

· Societal pressures to conform

· Negative and limiting messages about their bodies

· Discouragement related to their academic interests and professional goals

When teen girls have life coaching, they can address the pitfalls that can impact their potential. 


Why have life coaching for adult women?

  • They generally extend themselves in all walks of life and have untapped brilliance. 
  • Their creativity extends from their homes to the board room, but who champions them?
  • A life coach can be the spring board that is needed to propel them to the next level. 
  • Adult women may still have unmet goals from their teen girl years.

About Us


Vivianne A. Griffiths, MSN, APRN, CCLC - Founder

Vivianne A. Griffiths MSN, APRN has been a Nurse Practitioner for over 20 years practicing in various urban health care settings with a passion for under-served populations. She earned her MSN from the University of Louisville and earned her BSN from Hunter College in New York City.

Vivianne is a Certified Christian Life Coach (CCLC) through the Christian Coach Institute (Janice Lavore Fletcher, CPCC, PCC -Founder and CEO). 

She is also a Teen Wisdom Inc. Certification Program Graduate (Tami Walsh, MA – Founder). Both programs are accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Vivianne’s desire to be a teen girls’ and women’s life coach stems from her reflecting on the difficulties she experienced during her teen years including being bullied, being shy, and her parents getting divorced. In spite of these life challenges, she was able to learn from her hardships and triumph with grace, support and courage - one situation at a time. 

As a certified life coach, Vivianne strives to empower teen girls and women so they can avoid or escape the traps that compromise their value, goals and quality of life.

 Vivianne is married and has an adult son and adult daughter. She lives in Louisville, KY.  

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